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Nuloft 4D Fit Memory Foam Pillow

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Delivery Lead time* (Working Days)7 Width (cm)60
Height (cm)12 Depth (cm)40
Warranty (Months)6 Removable CoversRemovable
BrandNuLoft TypeMemory Foam
Firmness6/10 Medium Firm


The Nuloft Fit 4D Ergonomic pillow is designed to give you a better night sleep. Specially engineered to provide quality neck support, the benefits include eliminating neck and shoulder stiffness, anti snoring and many more.

Key Benefits of FIT 4D Pillow
1. Eliminate Neck Stiffness
2. Anti Snoring
3. Smart Neck Support Technology
A good pillow will eliminate common sleep problems
1. Support the neck and shoulder to an ideal posture
2. Enhanced vertebra support with high density foam core.
3. Low rebound memory foam enhances comfort.
5 Key Features
1. 4D Support
2. Neck Assist
3. High density, low rebound memory foam
4. Wide Size
5. Dedicated Pillow Cover included. It can also be used with standard sized pillow covers
Quality sleep restores fatigue and is important for living a healthy everyday life.
4 Important Roles of Sleep
1. Recovering your fatigue and renewing your mind.
2. Organizing memories.
3. Improving your immunity against cold and diseases.
4. Regenerating and repairing body cells will lead to natural youthful looks.
Quality sleep is closely related to pillows you use. Pick an ergonomic pillow that fits your body better.
4D Support Pillow
It is a specially shaped to keep you in the correct sleeping posture thus eliminating common sleep troubles.
Relieve neck stiffness
The curve of the pillow is the support of the neck. Alleviate the burden on the neck and shoulder.
Reduce Snoring
Lifting your neck and opening your airway makes it easier for you to breath and reduces snoring.
How snoring happens
Snoring occurs when the narrow upper respiratory tract rubs and vibrates during breathing. A bad sleep posture can cause this to happen.
Straight and Natural Neck Posture
Having a straight and natural posture allows the neck and shoulder to relax while sleeping.
What is a Straight Neck Posture?
The State where the cervical spine is straight. Without a straight neck, additional burden on the neck is produced causing stiff neck and shoulders, headaches, back pain and so on.
The pillow plays an important role for quality sleep.
Ideal Pillow Height of 12cm
Suitable for majority of people with different sizes.
Moderate Firmness
Having a firmer pillow makes it easier to turn your head while sleeping.
Benefits of Turning in bed while sleeping
1. Improves your blood circulation.
2. Keeps the temperature cooler.
Ergonomic 4D Support
Specially designed for a more comfortable sleep in any position.
Concave Shape with 5cm depth
The concave shape in the pillow is contoured like your head and thus balances your body weight better.
Designed for side sleepers in mind too.
By raising both sides of the pillow to 12cm height, the shoulder is relieved of pressure even when lying sideways and thus maintains the correct sleeping posture.
Smart Neck Assist
A high density urethane foam is placed in the core of the pillow. The neck lifts up, the airway spreads and breathing becomes easier.
Smart Neck Assist VS a General Pillow
General Pillow - The neck bends and the airway is blocked causing sleep related problems.
Smart Neck Assist - The neck is straightened, airway is spread and breathing is easier.
Memory Foam Pillow
Low Rebound and high density of 55㎏/㎥ leads to better sleep.
Absorb and distribute body pressure
Memory foam absorbs and distributes body pressure better.
60cm Wide Pillow
Ample space for turning while sleeping.
Pillow has 1.6kg weight.
Weight on pillow reduces disturbances and unwanted shifting while sleeping.
High quality Knitted fabric pillow case.
Two fabrics are knitted together carefully with thread. It is soft to the touch and excellent for heat dispersion.
Stay Clean & Hygienic
The pillow cover is removable for washing.
Standard sized pillow cases can be used to cover the pillow too.
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