Lowest Price Guarantee

We guarantee the best prices in Singapore. Should you find a better offer by another Singaporean reseller, contact us at support@bedandbasics.sg for a price match.

Terms and conditions

  • Must be a genuine product offered from a Singapore mainland retailer
  • Must be an identical product stocked by us – same design and specifications
  • Identical product must be in stock and for sale at the competing retailer
  • Product model numbers (if any) are exactly identical
  • We reserve the right not to sell under our cost price
  • Upon successful price match, Bed and Basics will match advertised price. Additional discounts are subject to our discretion
  • Restricted to only One (1) item per customer
  • Product must be advertised with price without restriction
  • Prices derived from online message boards; web forums, do not apply
  • The rival’s product must not be parallel imported from another country that is not authorized by the official distributor or manufacturer in Singapore
  • The rival’s price must include all the necessary taxes as required by Singapore law

Guarantee does not apply when:

    • The lower price is not available to the general public
    • The lower price is derived and/or discounted by the competitor through use of coupons, gift vouchers, membership programs, loyalty rewards and any other offers, incentives or benefits to reduce the total cost
    • The lower price is the result of an error by the competing retailer
    • The lower price is a result of special offers, limited time offers, corporate prices, staff discounts, trade show price, items advertised to be of limited quantity, clearance items, factory outlet prices
    • Price match does not apply to used, reconditioned and refurbished products

Bed and Basics will verify any price match request. In the event Bed and Basics is unable to verify, through reasonable means, that the lower price product is available for purchase, we reserve the right to reject any request at our full discretion.

Bed and Basics reserves the right to amend, vary or terminate our Price Match Policy anytime without prior notice.

The process for requests of price matching must be as follows:

Drop us a mail of your request to support@bedandbasics.sg and provide evidence of the difference in pricing (through the use of original advertisements, official written quotations or active links to e-commerce websites.)

You are also required to have purchased the product from Bed and Basics and must be able to provide sufficient evidence to properly identify yourself as the person who placed the order, the person billed for purchase and/or the person who is the intended recipient of the product purchased.

Bed and Basics Pte. Ltd. may investigate the legitimacy of the request by contacting the rival competitor and/or visiting their storefront. We also reserve the right to reject any request as our full discretion if insufficient or inadequate evidence is provided.

Upon confirming the legitimacy of the request, we will perform the following:

      1. Adjust the listed price of the product to match our rival’s price
      2. If the product has been purchased within 14 days prior to the request, Bed and Basics will refund the full difference (within 14 days) between the two product prices to the customer who was billed for the original product.

Our lowest price matching is not applicable for services, repairs and deliveries.