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Dormira Exclusive Double Pocket Coil Mattress (Japan Size)

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Available SizesSingle (JP), Semi Double (JP), Double (JP) Delivery Lead time* (Working Days)5
Height (cm)32 Warranty (Years)10
BrandDormira TypePocketed Spring
Firmness6/10 Medium Firm
100 Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial

100 Night Risk-Free Trial

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Free Delivery and Returns

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Start your night with quality sleep with the Dormira Double Pocket Coil Mattress
More comfortable than a hotel mattress
Difficulty sleeping?
Stiff shoulders and back pain when lying down...
Feeling tired and sleepy even after long hours of sleep...
Unrefreshed in the morning...
Solve your problems with the pocket coil mattress!
Each pocket coil is independently sealed and stitched to provide better support than Bonnell coils. Independent coils isolate and compartmentalise bed movements, reducing disturbances to your partner and you.
Each independent coil contracts proportionately to each part of your body, distributing your body weight evenly.
The even distribution reduces the strain on your body.
The ideal sleeping posture
The natural curvature of the human spin is S shaped. Maintaining this natural curvature is key to a good night's sleep.
A pocket coil mattress will enable you to sleep in your natural posture.
Independent pocket coil structure minimises disturbances from bed movements
The independent and separate nature of each coil provides for excellent motion isolation. Being awakened by your partner's tossing and turning will be a thing of the past.
Better sleep with parallel pocket coils
The Dormira mattress's pocket coils are arranged in parallel. Parallel pocket coils are less likely to be affected by the movement of adjacent pocket coils, therefore reducing disturbances.
Parallel pocket coils also distributes body weight more evenly.
32 cm mattress thickness
The thicker the mattress is, the less likely the mattress will sag. With a thickness of 32cm, the Dormira mattress is plus-size friendly.
If a mattress is too thin, it affects the cushioning and durability adversely.
In view of this, the Dormira mattress has been designed to be ultra thick at 32cm.
Tencel Fabric
Tencel fabric has a soft and smooth silky-like texture. It comes from a 100% natural organic source.
Tencel has anti-bacteria properties and does not possess any harmful chemicals. The natural organic properties makes it recommended for people with sensitive skin.
Rotate your mattress so that it lasts longer
Rotate the mattress 180 degrees every 3 months, using the brand logo as a mark.
Not rotating the mattress would cause the mattress to sag over the long term.
Choose from 3 Japanese sizes
Single, Semi Double or Double.
End your day with quality sleep with the Dormira Double Pocket Coil Mattress

Quick Fact Sheet


Single - Width 97 cm × depth 195 cm × thickness 32 cm 
Semi Double - Width 120 cm × depth 195 cm × thickness 32 cm
Double - Width 140 cm × depth 195 cm × thickness 32 cm 


Exterior cloth - Polyester, Tencel Fabric
Coil Type - Pocketed coil spring 
Coil Count - Single 1044 pieces, Semi Double 1365 pieces, Double 1606 pieces 
Interior - Urethane Foam, Felt, Resin Cotton


Double Pocket Coil (Twin Layer)
Body Pressure Dispersion
Ultra Thickness of 32cm
Tencel Fabric


10 year warranty


Packing size
Single - width 98 cm × depth 196 cm × height 32.5 cm
Semi Double - width 121 cm × depth 196 cm × height 32.5 cm 
Double - width 141 cm × depth 196 cm × height 32.5 cm


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  1. 100%
    Good Delivery service and product



    Verified Purchase

    Item came as promised and the delivery was smooth. The mattress fits snug and well with the Meneut bed I ordered. Been getting a good night's rest with it every day.
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