Denim Quilting Rug 130x185cm (Japanese)

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Delivery Time for Items in Stock* (Working Days)5 Width (cm)185
Depth (cm)130 Warranty (Months)1
Denim quilting rug 130cm by 185cm by High quality fabric rug, soft to the touch, safe on the skin fine quality and original rug design denim quilting rugs are popular in japan suitable for vintage and industrial style homes. enjoy a cuppa and chill on a lazy afternoon on the denim quilting rug super high quality rug with clean lined seams and threads Denim refers to a fabric made by twilling heavy threads. It is easy to move because it has been used as work clothes. It can enjoy the feeling of discoloration and texture. It has gained popularity and is one of the materials loved by consumers all over the world. It is smooth and comfortable with 100% cotton fabric that can be used all year round with a fresh feel. It is finished softly with quilting with cotton batting. Feeling in the bare skin. Smooth touching comfort. You can use it comfortably even in the summer. This rug has no hair thus food spillage are easily cleaned by sweeping, vacuum cleaner or an adhesive type cleaner. Tough feeling with a sense of volume and touch. To fill up the cushioning, it is filled with cotton with excellent durability of about 10mm in thickness, finished in quiling with plenty of cushioning properties. Total thickness is around 12mm thick. Silicon anti-slip is applied to the entire back side to prevent your child from slipping and falling. Additional safety consideration is in place. It is also possible to use it with hot carpet and floor heating compatible. Light weight, washable rug. It can be carried easily. Furthermore it can be washed in the washing machine and kept clean anytime. This rug is washable in washing machine. Drop dust and dust at once. When not in use fold up and st ore compactly. Hand wash after gently rubbing the dirt area Sitting down on the denim quiliting rug The measurements of the rug in cm 185cm by 130cm Black Denim rug washed denim rug Raw denim quilting rug Denim quilting rug is found exclusively at in singapore West coast interior denim quilting rug front view with authen sofa black behind
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